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What makes us different?

Everyone out there wants you to sell them your gold, silver and platinum. The guys on TV want you to stuff it into a bag and mail it to them. The carpetbaggers from Chicago buy slick misleading ads to get you to bring it to a hotel so they can buy it cheap and haul it back. Others in West Georgia weigh it in the back and come back with an offer but not your gold. What sets Willis Jewelry apart from the rest of the pack? Where should I begin? Basically we do it all differently. Our approach is geared to the customer being involved in the process, and education on what we are doing and why.

When a customer comes into my store to sell their gold the first thing we do is determine the karat of the gold. Why should this be important? Well the karat number tells how much pure gold is in your item. The higher the number the more gold value it has. If you took your gold into a shop and they just weighed it and paid you for the weight in 10K and it was really 18K you would lose close to half of its value. Some people will actually do this because they will not educate the average consumer on what the different karat markings mean to them. Believe me, they know what it means, but if they explain it to you then they are less likely to be able to pull the wool over your eyes. We educate you every step of the way.

What about weighing it? In school most of us learned about ounces, and grams. I have not met anyone who learned about pennyweights as a form of measurement in school. Most places use pennyweight when calculating your gold. We don’t and here is why: 1 penny weight = 1.55517384 grams. Gold is traded by the Troy ounce. In school we learned that a gram is part of an ounce, not a pennyweight. We want our customer to be able to understand the math involved in their gold their calculation. If gold’s value is based on what it is traded for per ounce then why measure it in pennyweights? Well it sounds like you are getting more that’s why. Suppose gold was $37 per gram. In pennyweight that would be $57.55. It sounds like you are getting more but to me it is just a sneaky way to manipulate the customer. We refuse to use pennyweight. We use grams instead. Years ago there was a gold buyer that breezed into town weighing gold against actual pennies on a scale. Thanks to Frank Cole alerting the police that crook was arrested. A penny weighs 2.1 in pennyweight, so this guy was crooking people by calculating the weight at less than half of the real weight.

After we sort and weigh your gold in front of you. We leave it in front of you while we look up the price it is trading for at that moment in the commodities market. Some places in West Georgia do all of their sorting, weighing, and calculating in the back away from your eyes. They hold your gold captive in the back while the make their offer. More psychology. Take the money and go, the deal is done and we have already taken possession of your gold. Wrong! The gold is yours, and it should remain with you until you decide to sell it. I don’t agree with this technique, and you will never find it used at Willis Jewelry. I make a better offer for my customer’s gold, so I don’t have to resort to this kind of behavior. Plus my parents raised me better than that.

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